Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Festivities!!

Last Saturday we went to a halloween party at Chris and Karman's house. It was cold but it was fun! The kids loved the hair color, tattoos, bonfire, and most loved the hayride. That would be everyone but Saraya. She's not much for scary stuff. And as they came around the corner and I heard the chainsaw with a guy running towards the trailer I knew she was going to loose it. And I was right. She got off bawling her little eyes out. Took a little while but she finally got over it! She had fun anyway. She insisted on wearing her WonderWoman costume from last year. It was a little small but oh well. She's with her dear friend Elijah who so wonderfully taught her this mouth noise that they both repeat ALL THE TIME! :-)

Thursday at PreK they were able to dress up. So for this party Saraya decided she wanted to be Cinderella. Which was fine with me cause we already had the dress in her dress up stuff! Parents were able to go to school during lunch so James snapped some pictures.

And finally, tonight we went trick-or-treating! For the last month at least Saraya's said she wanted to be a bat. I have no idea where this came from, but she kept saying it, so I got creative with black clothes, a trash bag, face paint and hair spray color!! It actually turned out pretty cute!!

It started as our cell group, then it grew last minute!! We had a ton of people at our house. I think I counted 35. We ate pizza and then hit the streets. Most people probably didn't like seeing our big herd coming cause we made a big dent in the candy bowl!!!

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