Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

What a day! We had a great time with our church family this morning. Then we went to my parents house for lunch and an egg hunt. Great food, and great laughs. Tonight we're grilling steaks and chicken for James' family.

As we sang our songs this morning, Steve and I read scripture in between each song. I became overwhelmed with emotion as I read the verses describing the resurrection. A story I've heard so many times that I can't even count, but today, it brought upon a feeling of humilty and complete unworthyness. What He did, to pave a road from our earthly, sinful selves, straight to His presence.... is amazing. How can you not walk down the path He has for us?? I hope today you found yourself in the presence of an Almighty Father, because He loves you without measure.

what a mess....

On Good Friday, we had the Allen's over for dinner and we let the girls color eggs.... it was quite funny. Coupled on top of the fact that we're letting two four years olds plop eggs into cups of dye, it was past their bedtime.... so they were hilarious! And of course, Abby and Saraya ended up with more dye on their hands then the eggs.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Let it Snow!!

Well we finally got our snow for this winter. It seems the past few years we've gotten one good snow and I had just about given up on it for this winter. Here it is... March 7th and we're getting a big one! I love to see snow falling. It's just beautiful!!! Saraya wasn't really into the snow at first. You can tell by the look on her face in the picture of me and her. But then she decided that she liked it. James and Saraya built a snowman, had a snowball fight, and made snow angels. James' mom even made snow cream!!! I haven't had that in a long time. I'm sure it'll all be gone tomorrow, but it was wonderful while it lasted!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Our SHE Group

This past weekend was our SHE Retreat. (SHE is the name of our women's group at church. It stands for "Seeking Him Eternally".) What a great group of girls. I can't tell you how much each one of them means to me. They each bring something different to the table. I love how we've grown closer together since the last retreat. I'm glad that each and every one of them are apart of my life. I also am in love with our tshirts this year. I think this one is my all time favorite. Probably because my brother and I thought up the idea and he designed it!! So that makes it extra special to me.