Friday, May 30, 2008

Finals Bound!!

After the LOST finale, we watched game five of the Western Conference Finals. It was a great game. Well, it started out shakey, but by the second quarter we had found our groove. The second half proved to be our half, and we played great defense. We are now on our way to the Finals!!!!!!! If we can rest and come out fresh, and play like we did last night..... I think it's our year. And I can't wait!!!!!

Jack + Kate = 4ever

Well, if you don't watch LOST this post is completely useless to you. And in fact, you'll probably just be confused. So you can just skip it. :-)

Last night was the finale. It was great. We had some people over to watch it together and that was really fun. It's always fun to talk about stuff with that show. So here's some things that I think are going on. Not that they are. Cause you never really know what Damon and Carlton are up to.

1) The flash-forward of Jack and Kate at the airport should be early January 2008. (That was for you Mike)

2) I think Charlotte is Annie.

3) I think Christian came back to life when the coffin landed on the island, and so will Locke if they get him back.

4) I think Sayid killed Locke.

5) I think Sawyer and Juliet will be a couple.

6) I think Jin is alive.

So there's some of my thoughts. Can't wait for next season!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meet the Chipmunks!

Saraya is on the Brookland Chipmunks tball team this year! And she loves it. She has three friends on the team from church, Wil, Maggie and Mia. Sometimes when they're in the outfield there's more talking and picking flowers from the girls! But Ray really enjoys running after the balls too. We had our first game last night and it was so fun to watch her!!!! My dad and brother came too. One game down... seven to go.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Great Day

I've been waiting for today for several weeks. Melissa was in town for Southland Schools graduation and she said she was going to go to Crossroads with me! I was so excited to get up this morning just so I could go pick her up. I can't tell you what a great service it was for me, to look out and watch her worshipping on the front row! I sang one of her favorite songs 'Make a Joyful Noise' and got a little choked up singing it. I thought of all the times we've done it together. It was another great worship service in our new building.
After church we had a cookout at our house for the band so that everyone could visit with Melissa. It was a great time. Back when we were in the band together, she always loved my "More Cowbell" sweatshirt. She emailed me awhile back and told me that she would wear her "More Cowbell" shirt that she just got so we could take a picture. I know that these two pictures will eternally be priceless to me. I know Mel doesn't have great days every day, but she is a pillar of strength to me. Her life here on earth is squeezing her, and the love and grace of God is flowing out of her. I am blessed to call her a friend.

True Story

James and Saraya were driving in the car and they came to a stoplight. As they sat on the corner Saraya looked out the window at the birds in the tree on the corner. She said to James, "guess what that bird just said to me?" To which James replied, "What?". And Saraya said, "Pretty girl, pretty girl!" in her BEST parrot voice!!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back to KMart I go.........

One very important thing in my life is my calendar. I use it just about every day. I have everything and I mean EVERYTHING written in it. A couple Sundays ago, we had a SHE Team meeting (at Outback... and the Toowamba Pasta was ooohh so good!!) and Misty, Christine and I planned out the rest of the calendar for the year. I also have vacations written in there. Birthdays. Events. Photo Shoots. I could go on. So you can imagine the thoughts that went through my head when I realized that it wasn't on my desk. Or in my car. Or in my bag. Or at the house. I've been needing to update the SHE Myspace page ever since we had that meeting, and Monday I had some spare time so I thought I'd do it. No where to be found. So tonight after cell group, I stopped at KMart and got a calendar. I had big plans to fill it all in. I grabbed a pen and the calendar and sat down.... flipped it open and ironically enough, it's a 2006-2007 Calendar. Are you serious??? And I even paid $3 for it!!! How can they do that? Needless to say, if I had a calendar, Thursday May 15th would say "return calendar to KMart".

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our First Service

Well, yesterday was it! Our first service in our new building!!!! I cannot describe what it felt like to practice in there Saturday and walk in yesterday and actually have service. There was a buzz around the halls as people came in. Everyone was so thrilled. Everything looks so good. Of course, there are still loose ends, still a lot that has to be done, so our work isn't finished. The music went so good and it was a blast to be up on our new stage!!! We all really enjoyed ourselves. I took my camera and forgot to take pictures. But I'll try to take some next weekend.


There's nothing like being a mom. There is an indescribable feeling when you look at your child and know that they are apart of you. There's a part of my heart and soul that doesn't feel complete unless she's around. There's a joy that only she can give me. Saraya has turned into a little girl. A little girl with such a fun personality, a kind heart, a sweet spirit, and a love of laughter. Wonder where she got that from?

Friday, May 09, 2008

Goin' to the Chapel....

Last Friday Amanda and Brent got married in Hot Springs. Saraya was a flower girl for the first time! She looked so cute!!! I wasn't really sure how she'd do, but she did pretty good. She got a little nervous because "everyone's looking at me", but she still did it.... but not very many petals were thrown. It was great to be apart of Amanda's day. She was a BEAUTIFUL bride!! We've been friends for over seven years, and she's extremely special to me! Sometimes I think we're cut from the same cloth cause we're so much alike!!! We always have plenty to talk about, plenty to laugh about, and we always have a blast together.


Players to collect at least one scoring title, MVP, and Championship: Jordan, Shaq, Wilt, Kareem, David Robinson, Bob McAdoo, and Kobe.

Players to collect all three aforementioned awards and be selected to an All-Defensive First Team: Jordan, Wilt, Kareem, Robinson, and Kobe.

Players to have an MVP, a Scoring Title, a Championship, and at least six All-Defensive First Teams: Jordan and Kobe.
Wednesday night was a joy! Before the second game of this series, they presented Kobe with the long awaited, well deserved MVP trophy!!!! To watch this team go from greatness, then through the trials that we've had the past few years, and now back up to the top has been so much fun. We now have a young and talented team that hasn't been this cohesive in a long time. We not only have a dominate group of starters, we have a deep bench. Kobe is the driving force of this team, and he is a great leader. He's the best player in the league and quite possibly will give Jordan a run for his money for the title of best player of all time.
Now we're on the road to the finals.... hopefully we'll take it all this year!!!!!