Wednesday, December 08, 2010

BLOG HACK - Even more love....

Happy Birthday to you! You have been a precious friend for many years.
You made Jonesboro feel like home to us---we really came to feel like
you were family. And I miss you now, even as I am surrounded by family
in Michigan!
One of my best memories with you is the Memorial Day weekend we went
down to Pensacola...after a James Taylor concert in Memphis, we drove
late into the night, got a flat tire, stayed at the SEEDIEST hotel I
have ever stayed at (remember they told Joe and James that we couldn't
get an hourly rate?) and then arrived in Pensacola only to learn that
Memorial Day weekend there was the largest gathering of gays and
lesbians in the whole country. What an experience! None of us had ever
seen so many rainbows (remember we had an old sheet with rainbows on
it...nice!), mesh bathing suits, or guys checking out our husbands. That
was probably the least attention you or I ever got on a beach :). Then
we played Catan, of course, in the hotel room. Now that we have kids, I
think we were crazy for staying in the hotel room and not GOING
OUT...but oh well. I remember laughing a lot, eating good food (and some
junk, too), and just having a great time with you guys. The other memory
I will always hold is our weekly dinner/Survivor/Catan tradition. That
kept me grounded and sane for many years, even if it did cause serious
marital tension when Joe creamed us all.
Joe and I were just talking about the impending birth of our third
child---and I said "I wish Dana were here!" Not only so I could take
advantage of your photographic eye in the delivery room---but because
you were a calm, loving presence to me during Rowan's long birth. For
that I will be forever thankful.
Dana--I don't have another friend quite like you. You are spunky,
creative, fun, an initiator, spiritual, silly, thoughtful, loyal....and
I love you dearly.

Dana, Dana, Dana.....Love this girl to pieces, she's my little sugar muffin. She has been there for me through some very difficult times and knew just what to say and when to say nothing at all. When i first met Dana, there was a wall up, that spoke volumes - STAY OUT! lol... But then, I got to know the fun loving, spunky, shoe loving, big hoop wearing, loud mouth, music loving, precious soul that she is and she is now my sister and I love her dearly! Thank you Dana for being there when I needed you, for shedding tears with me and showing that you have a heart full of love and compassion beyond belief! I must admit, that I really wished you would have been in more pain when you got your tat, just because you are such a show off, but at least I got to be there to see a little bit of the pain and get pictures! lol... Thanks for letting me slide through the wall and be a part of your life! I love you girl! Happy Birthday!

BLOG HACK! Dana is 35!!!!


It’s a blog-hack from me and your friends! You really should change that password….but then again, if you did, you’d never see all this:

I went to Dana and James' cell group threeish years ago. That began what I know will be a lifelong friendship. Dana and James helped me grow so much over the two years they mentored to me in my spiritual walk. She has such a huge heart and love for her Savior, her family and her friends. I really dont think there is a thing she wouldn't do for me. (except of course, burning me a copy of my wedding video). Hint. Hint. Hint. :) She was instrumental in making my wedding day perfect for Casey and I. I still get teary-eyed when I think about what that meant to me. I love our Girl's Nights! Our love of KU! Most of all I love how she cherishes each and everyone of her friendships. Happy Birthday, D! You are one of a kind and I love you for it.

It was always fun embarrassing you on stage, talking to you, putting you on the spot.

You’re a FREAK and I mean that from the bottom of my heart!

I love You Dana!! Not just bc of your smackable booty or bc of the gross smelling burps you blow in my face. Or bc we share a “respect” for JT…..or that some days we wish we were sick so we could stay home in bed, where we would still be texting each other. No one else cares about the non-important things in my life, but you!! I can text you at any time “I just watched a crazy show about sea turtles” and we would discuss the show for another hour. or I could call you on accident at 1am and we’d stay up texting for the next hour. The phrase danalaughs means so much to your friends, because every where we go there is always someone who’s laugh stands out in a crowd and that makes us think of YOU!! But not to worry we know your laugh from all others!! Mainly bc if you laugh too hard you sound like a donkey!!

Dear Dana, you are one of the most fun girls I've ever met! I am so blessed to call you friend, and I will forever cherish all the fun times we had...even the rice dessert! I am so thankful you were in my Zumba classes, mostly because when I forgot the moves, you remembered them!!
Happy birthday dear friend! Love yaaa!

Just wanted to say that you are a wondermous friend and an even more super duper person!! You have such an awesome positive outlook and always know how to have fun whether we are shopping, lounging in the river or out on one of our escapades. I am so glad that God brought you into my life. You are a beautiful person that I am glad to have in my posse!! I love you.

Happy, Happy Birthday to sister, seperated at birth =) I love that our journeys connected & God made us friends. I'm very thankful for you & hope your day is amazing!! We love you!!

I love you D because: you have a great laugh, for your love of music, for your ability to quote Friends, you're a party planner extraordinaire, you took pictures when Houston was born I will cherish forever, you got me to all the fab places in Cali, you lend me your tunes, because we have an In-N-Out connection, but most of all, because you are a GREAT person!! Hope this is the best birthday yet :))

I became acquainted with Dana about 3 years ago. Though I haven't known Dana as long as some, I feel fortunate enough to call her friend. I love to hear her laugh. When she gets so tickled by a situation, her laugh is contagious. The snorting is great also.

She loves music as much as her family. I absolutely love, love, love, to hear Dana sing. I remember when I lost my sister to heart disease Dana sang In You by MercyMe that weekend. That moment will always stick in my mind. I felt like God was speaking through an angel and that angel was Dana.

I wish you all the best on your birthday! Hope it is as awesome as you are.

One of my favorite memories of you was on the scrapbook trip we took to Alabama to the Red Rooster Retreat. What I remember most is that we laughed all the way to Alabama and all the way back, and you know Dana, one of the things I love best about you is that contagious laugh! You radiate a positive, happy energy that infects everyone around you. You are a warm, loving person with the wonderful ability to bring people closer together. Where you find Dana, you find people laughing and having a great time! Happy Birthday beautiful lady! Love you,

I'm so honored to have you as a friend. You really blessed me when you drove an hour to Memphis for my mom's visitation and stood by me during a really difficult night.
I know I can always count on you to make me laugh or to pass along good music suggestions. I wish we lived close so we could share a cup of coffee or a plate of sushi more often. But we always have that next New York trip in our future, or your next visit with Ashley. Love you!

We met on a waterslide. How many friends can say that? I love that our first meeting was as unique as our friendship is. Crazy dare nights, setting stay-up-all-night records, some seriously insane videos, trips to Graceland, more Baskin-Robbins runs than I’d like to admit, and all the singing we did together make for a set of memories with you I wouldn’t trade for the world. Here we are 20 years later, and I can honestly say that I am humbled to be your friend. We may never eat an apple pie together. And we’ll never agree on any guy we think is hot. But I do know that every day, I’ll get on the computer and I’ll talk to you. And if I don’t, things just don’t feel right. I love you, girl. Happy 35th.