Sunday, January 20, 2008


Super Bowl here we come!!!!! The Giants played the Packers tonight. We went to some friends house because Cristi and I are BIG Giants fans. It was great.... we had nachos, ribs, chicken, brownies with hot fudge and ice cream.... and then there was the game. A great game. Back and forth. -24 wind chill (glad I wasn't playing!!!) We missed a field goal to end the game in a tie: 20-20. Sudden death. I hate sudden death. Packers won the coin toss. I felt a rock in my stomach. Then it happened. An interception!!!!!! And we marched down the field within field goal range. The kicker had already missed two......... but the third times a charm!!!!!!! Now we advance to the big game.... the one that counts..... hopefully to upset the "perfect" Patriots. Cristi and I will be dressed in new matching sweatshirts for the Super Bowl party!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Football season is coming to a close. It's been more fun this year than it normally is because I joined the Fantasy Football league at church. Cristi and I were the only girls in a league of 16 teams and we both finished in the top 4! Not too bad!!!! I, to be exact, finished in second place! It was great!!!

But this Sunday's game, if the outcome is the way I want it to be, will be even sweeter than that! My team, the NY Giants, beat the stinkin' Cowboys this past Sunday and now we face the Packers. If we beat the Packers.... we'll be in the Super Bowl!!!!!!! That would be awesome!! Saraya and I have been wearing our Giants shirts regularly. If we win the game Sunday you can be sure I'll post a picture!!

p.s. - #92!!! was my Fantasy Football team name in honor of my favorite Giants player: Michael Strahan