Sunday, April 27, 2008

LBT & Sugarland

I was introduced to Little Big Town several months ago. I'm a very selective fan of country music, but the harmonies are AMAZING on all of LBT's songs. I just love them now. I've worn out both of their cds! So I jumped on the chance to go see them when I found out they were coming to the Convocation Center here in Jonesboro. They opened for Sugarland. I went to the concert with my brother's girlfriend Jana. We had a blast! LBT did NOT disappoint one bit! They were incredible live. Even though I only knew a few Sugarland songs, they put on a great show and I enjoyed them as well. At the end, they all came out and did their duet, "Life in a Northern Town"... it was awesome!! Then they ended with "Pour Some Sugar on Me".... needless to say it was great, fabulous, incredible, amazing, and a total blast!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Top Six

WOW!!! It's no secret that I love American Idol. Last night was amazing because I love Andrew Lloyd Webber! I loved all the performaces, because the songs are so great. But David Archuleta was INCREDIBLE...... he actually brought me to tears. To take a song intended for a woman, and change the way it sounds, to fit him..... and then he sang it soooooo well. He was awesome. David Cook was my second favorite. He's done different arangements all along, so it was nice to hear him actually sing the song. Phantom is my favorite play so I was pleased that my two favorites sang Phantom songs!!! (I think it's JCastro's week to go)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


One of my best friends is all crafty these days. A talent I will never have... sewing. She's got her own side business of making all kinds of things. She made this headband for Saraya and it's so super cute that I had to blog about it! Great job Sarah!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Top of the West!!!!!

What a season!! The last regular season Lakers game was last night. If we won the game then we not only clinched the top spot in our division, but also the top spot in the whole Western Conference!!!!! Of course, it wasn't televised. I watched NBA Coast-to-Coast which does live look-ins, so I kept up with it that way til halftime. Then I had to wait for highlights on Sportcenter. But it was an easy game for us. We never gave up the lead. And now, the time of the year that I love.... PLAYOFFS!!! They start Saturday and I'm so pumped. Now we just have to wait a couple weeks to hear who they name MVP. All I'm going to say is it better be Kobe!

Monday, April 14, 2008

I always know who I'm with.....

(Cheesy Little Big Town lyrics for the title... I know!! But I love that song!!!!)
Yesterday was the last service in our old warehouse building. It was a great service. We watched old videos, watched picture slideshows and sang the Leadership Team's favorite songs.
Two things that I will not miss..... the train and the cats.
But as I sat there, so many emotions ran through me. Remembering our first service, watching Saraya move through the nursery. She was 6 months old when we started at Crossroads. So many memories are involved in this building. Vacation Bible Schools, Cell groups, Super Bowl parties, scrapbooking days, Women's events, ping pong, Valentine Banquets, lots of food, lots of talking and lots of laughter.
One person who was noticeably absent for me was Melissa Meeker. I don't think a Sunday goes by that I don't think of her as I sing from stage. She was my duet partner for many years. (She is now fighting cancer in Nashville) We keep in touch through emails, and Saturday night I got one from her. As she talked about remembering all our plays and all our singing she asked me to think of her as we did our last service. And of course I did. I hate that I won't be singing on that stage anymore, mainly because I always think of singing up there with her!!
The familiarity of that building is wonderful. It's a Catch-22, we want more room and a bigger stage yet I love the intimacy and the closeness from this stage. Not going to that building for band practice breaks my heart. That's something that I've done every Thursday night for the past 3.5 years.
But the truth is, while I feel sentimental towards our old building and everything that it holds and represents, I am so overjoyed about our new building. I am so very pumped about our HUGE stage!! And the only thing that makes it less sad leaving the old building, is knowing that all the people that made the first one special are going to be by my side making the new one just as special.
I'll post pictures in a couple weeks from our first service in the new building.