Friday, May 30, 2008

Jack + Kate = 4ever

Well, if you don't watch LOST this post is completely useless to you. And in fact, you'll probably just be confused. So you can just skip it. :-)

Last night was the finale. It was great. We had some people over to watch it together and that was really fun. It's always fun to talk about stuff with that show. So here's some things that I think are going on. Not that they are. Cause you never really know what Damon and Carlton are up to.

1) The flash-forward of Jack and Kate at the airport should be early January 2008. (That was for you Mike)

2) I think Charlotte is Annie.

3) I think Christian came back to life when the coffin landed on the island, and so will Locke if they get him back.

4) I think Sayid killed Locke.

5) I think Sawyer and Juliet will be a couple.

6) I think Jin is alive.

So there's some of my thoughts. Can't wait for next season!


Lesley said...

Thanks for having us all over. Good times :)

I am in agreement with many of your thoughts...I will post my theories over the weekend.

Amanda said...

I could talk for hours about Lost theories. Now, Thursday nights just don't hold the same appeal as they used to. I think Jin is alive too. I agree that Locke will come back to life, I just can't come up with any reason that he was ever off the island. I don't think it was voluntary.

I have some questions...
Who's Annie??? I'm not remembering that name.

How could Charlotte have been born on the island??? I thought the pregnant women died. Didn't she say that she was born there?