Monday, April 27, 2009

Saraya's First Concert

Just about every weekday morning, Saraya comes in my bathroom while I'm getting ready for work.... we listen to my ipod and she knows how to find Taylor Swift.... so that's what we usually listen to. She loves TS. She knows most of the words.... and sings her little heart out.

So of course, I was so excited to tell her that we were going to the Taylor Swift concert! The first words out of her mouth were, "you mean I'm going to get to see her sing on stage in her pretty dresses???" Too cute!

My cousin Stephen is friends with Taylor... and he scored us some meet and greets before the show. Saraya was really really excited about meeting her.

The concert was great! There were two opening acts, and of course Saraya kept asking, "when's Taylor coming out?" She didn't understand how it worked. But when she came out, she was soooo excited! Her face lit up and she sang along. But she only lasted til about 10. Her being tired outweighed the excitement. So James came and picked her up. But she still had the time of her life. And I really enjoyed watching her! :)
ps: my cousin Stephen's band just made their first music video!! I'm so proud of him!! You should check it out.....

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Amy Barrett said...

So neat! It is so much fun when our kids get excited! She will always remember this and I'm sure it is the first of many concerts for her!